Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing the Muddy Skier

Alright, so I guess this makes it official - my blog starts. I intend it to be somewhat intelligent - comments about skiing, my progress as a slow, muddy bike racer, what I'm cooking lately and perhaps the occasional serious post with some opinion about science in the popular press.

Why call it the Muddy Skier? Well, that's as clever as I get. I'm a mountain biking chick with a tendency to get muddier than everyone else and a skiing chick stuck in the mid-atlantic - I trek through the mud to teach many a weekend in the winter.

Riding at Patapsco with good friends last Sunday - a fun group of ski instructors and associates. As we're headed back, I saw a park ranger and had a comment to share, so I stopped him. Several minutes later, I managed to convince him and his co-ranger guy that no, I was not, in fact, in need of water to clean up the dried blood all over my legs. Seriously - are my legs really that white that a little mud looks like crusty bodily fluids?

1 comment:

  1. and I thought that I was always the muddy one!! have yet to figure out how the boys finish a ride with nary a mud splotch and I am covered in it head to toe!!