Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bluebird days and long drives

We went to Vermont Monday.  After work.  And came back last night.  This is something that I think college kids do when they can sneak a day of bigger mountain skiing in.  Guess it should make me feel young? 

For the first time since early January, I skied somewhere other than home... and could see the top of the mountain from the bottom.  I've skied at several other places on other trips...all in the rain, snow, and/or fog.  It was great to ski in the sun of a March day - even better because it was a Dev Team training day with Matt Boyd.  8 or so of us got together for some good old-fashioned ripping with a bit of arguing about skiing thrown in for good fun.  I learn a lot from watching my peers on the team - it's fun to celebrate everyone's individual strengths and work to improve our weaknesses.

We did some "Bode Miller" turns yesterday on the wide open blues at Mt. Snow... the muscles in my hips aren't feeling like a college kid's at the moment.  I'll blame it on the 7+ hour drive home last night.

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