Sunday, April 18, 2010

Having teammates who Drop me...

I have some great ones.  I lucked along into a local team based on the fact that on the first group ride I went with them on, they Dropped me but didn't leave me lost in the woods.  And I mean dropped with a capital D.  It was nearly two years ago, and it was pretty much the whole team.  These guys were destroying me.  I had no idea you could go that fast on a mountain bike, let alone (in some cases) a single speed and at an "advanced" age.

Really rather serendipitous... racing for LSV has been great to me - I've bought bikes, borrowed bikes, gotten cheered and learned a ton from teammates... and, one of the guys suggested I try cyclocross.  I'd have never guess that I possibly love racing a bike with drop handlebars better than its fat-tired brother.

Thursday night, I hit the woods with a few of the fast guys - prepared to be Dropped.  I was, but not with a capital D.  Until we were about an hour in and hit a steeper climb.  I have some fitness to catch up on this year, but I was pretty pleased that at least one of them was sweating, and they claimed they hadn't been waiting long every time we stopped.

Today, a few of us headed out to Gambrill for some rockier terrain - a bit of a mental warmup for the upcoming Michaux painfest in two weeks.  We were in it for social riding today - but I hung in for the most part.  What fun to go out in the woods, ride my bike hard with/behind other guys who race, and then inhale some pretty decent mexican food on the drive home.

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