Monday, December 20, 2010

Week one of a CSA

That's community supported agriculture for y'all non-foodies. I've been loving the farmer's market this fall, but with the way our weekends are, we don't always get there.  Not sure how we didn't figure this out sooner, but there's a pretty sweet little market just a mile from the house.  They have milk in glass bottles.  I bought some.  Then I came home and mentioned to Shea that we could still join the winter CSA.  He didn't take much (really, any) convincing.  We get to pick what we want each week - usually there are a few choices.

Week 1:
2 kohlrabi (not sure what I'm making with these just yet...)
1 quart of fresh cranberries
1 quart completely awesome cremini mushrooms
1 large butternut squash
1 pound ginger maple bison sausage
1 big tub of plain local (Chambersburg, PA) yogurt

I've been using the yogurt for some special blackberry wheatgerm smoothies with protein powder.  Indulgent in the nutritious way.

The squash and cranberries are making their way into a salad now and mushrooms plus awesome eggs = excellent omelets.

As I get to play with new veggies, when I come up with a great recipe, maybe I'll share.  Or maybe I'll just keep it secret - sort like the cardamom apple turnovers.


  1. When we were kids my mom would make stuffed kohlrabi, kinda like stuffed peppers, or make a soup with milk and chunks of kohlrabi or just cut it up into 1/4 by 1/2" slivers (after peeling) and saute, (takes a while to cook). They're not bad raw in salads or eat them raw like carrots.

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