Friday, May 25, 2012


It took me 5 years and 10 days to get a Ph.D.  I defended exactly 5 years ago today.  This fall, I will leave my post-doc after just under 5 years.  I have been racing bikes for 4 years. Doing science for 13. Teaching skiing for 15.

How did I get so old?  How am I possibly still this young?

Anyone else in science knows this about science - it flies and drags at the same time.  Mostly, for me, it drags.  That's why the next 5 years include some pretty big changes in life.  There will be dressier clothes.  An office.  Mountains.  Bikes.  Friends.  Food.  Some things are just constant.  Mountains.  Bikes.  Friends.  Food. 


  1. From "mountains" I'm guessing no AAAS policy fellowship for you...send me details!

  2. Just more visits to mountains for now... I think AAAS is a go - still waiting on paperwork, though!