Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fight like Susan...

I read a number of cyclists' blogs - in part for the race and ride reports from around the country, stories of success and bonks. But one of my favorites has been the Fat Cyclist, where Elden Nelson chronicles rides with his buddies in some of my old stomping grounds in Utah. By the time I'd found his blog, however, his wife Susan was deeply entrenched in a battle against metastatic breast cancer. Fatty blogged about her on a regular basis, more lately as they dealt with pain management and Susan's waning strength and lucidity. I think many cyclists can identify with a theme of dealing with anger and frustration by turning the cranks. Instead of being sad about Susan, though, he has motivated many to ride for LiveStrong and raise a ton of money for Lance Armstrong's LiveStrong foundation, much of which goes to care of cancer patients and, to some extent, for cancer research (a topic near and dear to my own heart).

If you're new to the FatCyclist blog, this is a good place to start. With tissues in hand. We now know how the battle ends, but Elden and Susan's challenge to "Fight Like Susan" is one I hope I can take seriously when adversity comes along.

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