Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random collections

Random collection of friends. Really, that's what I want in life. People I've found along the way, those who found and adopted me, buds that I've shared a variety of life experiences with. Yesterday, we partied at my mom's for the (apparently annual) pool party at the farm (also known as - our summer house in the country). What was cool was that despite there being many people out of town/on vacation/otherwise engaged, people showed up and I think they even had fun. I did.

Work friends and a BFF from high school, ski instructor drinking buds and bike racing ex-teammates (apparently all the teammates were on vacation or had fussy children!). I shared a bottle of wine with the children's ski school supervisor (who hired me 13 or so years ago to teach), dipped my toes in the cool pool water with my pregnant British colleague from lab, and played with my high school friends' two year old twin boys. We set up a mountain biking trials course on the lawn to work on bridge riding skills with the ski race coaches from Liberty (who are moving to Utah soon) and picked crabs. As the night rolled on, Dirty Girl got into the vodka-soaked watermelon and pretty much everyone left wound up in the hot tub. Fireside chats in or around the hot tub capped the evening...

Eventually everyone except Dirty Girl sobered up and trundled homeward. She crashed in the other guest room and woke up this morning having enjoyed the late night fireworks/thunderstorm and hungry for French Toast and Canadian Bacon ala Mom.

What fun. Thanks everyone for bringing your random collections of life experiences to the table.

Word of the night: jalapeno. Ask Shea about it when you see him.


  1. Shea has a funny way to pronounce jalapeno which produces a LOT of misunderstanding!