Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting ready for snow season...

Okay, I know, it's wrong to be thinking this much about skiing when we're not even halfway into cross season yet.  But it's 42 degrees and raining.  It snowed in upstate PA today.  And I have a lot of skiing related items on my to do list...

A few things to do before December 1st (ski season starts Nov 30 for me):
1.  Make appointment for boot work.  (Done!)
2.  Order new skis. (Done!)
3.  Find warmer mittens.
4.  Figure out availability/schedule for season.  This process requires simultaneous comprehension of at least 3 calendars, 2 lists, and an ability to guess when I'll have to give lab meeting in the spring.
5.  Shop for ski pants.  Recently lost weight means current black pants will fall down.  Even with my new belt.
6.  Brag about new skis - Atomic Elysian's. 92mm underfoot and super fun.  Did I mention it's technically a women's ski?

7.  Gain the ability to see into the future - when will the snow be ideal for a trip to Utah?

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