Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uh-oh, time to set some goals...

I told myself I could wait until after my first three cross races to set goals for the season.  And now I'm putting it off... but time to put what I've been mulling over in writing so I can commit to it officially.  In no particular order, here are some things I'm shooting for the race season...

Continue having fun.  Ride the muddy lines whenever it's smart.  Clean my own bike at least once. Learn to settle into my own pace within the first two laps.

Win.  Twice.  Then I won't have to waffle about when I'm ready to go up to the 1/2/3's.

Finish top 5 in a 3/4 MAC race - I might only have 3 chances at this one and those cat 3 women are strong.

Keep my training hours as high as they are now for the latter half of the season, even when it's dark after normal work hours.  I have no excuse - I have the flexibility to leave lab midday for a ride and come back.

Incorporate some weekly core training and stretching.  Else, those hip flexors are gonna hurt come ski season.

Get rid of the double hop on my remount.  Yeah, if you read my blog, you might think that I did that already.  But apparently I only did for remounts at practice.  At races, arg, it's there.  I'm sure it's faster to slow down for half a step and mount smoothly onto the pedal.

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  1. I like the part where you clean your own bike. Not that I dont enjoy cleaning your bike...