Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm officially almost 2 weeks overdue with a race report from the Tacchino race on November 8.  I'm not the only one.

Although yes, I have good excuses - lots of stuff to keep up with at work coupled with a women's cycling seminar series that I'm organizing and a weekend in Pittsburgh have meant I haven't had a lot of time for blogging lately.

But really, I've been avoiding writing this one.  I am disappointed in how I did, despite putting together a rather mistake-free race.  After going to Tacchino with hopes to win it, I was thoroughly spanked by 4 other women who were well ahead of me by the 2nd lap.  I also got lapped for the first time this year by the winner of the elite race.  I was not with it enough to know for sure that this was what happened, but Bill, Shawn, and a few others in the pit figured out that's what I was asking them as I rode by (Thanks guys!).  Luckily, my brain was still working enough to know to sprint at the finish and hold my position.

The race itself was fun.  I was second onto the grass from the start, but watched Allyson fly by and off the front about halfway into the lap.  The woman who had the hole shot went straight through the tape on a sharp turn, so I was second for a bit.  Until I hit some pavement and a few ladies went flying by.  Despite the fact that I was getting crushed more than I'd hoped or expected to, it was better than sitting at home, drinking beer and watching the Steelers.  Luckily, the Steelers played on Monday night, so I got to sit at the bar, drink beer, and watch the Steelers anyway. 

For pretty much 4 out of 5 laps, Christine sat on my wheel - I kept attacking on the roadie sections to keep her there but it hurt.  She was losing some time on the downhills, making it up on the uphills, but for some reason the one really steep uphill was a place that I got her every time.  I owe it to a summer of passing the guys on the uphills at mountain bike races, I guess. It was fun to race that close with someone - often we're so spread out that you really don't have to think about how to keep someone from passing you at the barriers, where to take a line so they can't go inside and take the position, etc.

It was an amazing day to be outside, hanging out at a bike race with friends.  We had a team tent (with preferred parking, 'team' dogs that were wandering off and begging for sausages, lots and lots of cookies, and general good cheer to go with the heckling.  And Coppi put together great prize bags, even for 5th place.  Thanks for a great race!

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  1. A win is around the corner for you! You can't have great legs week in and week out, it just don't work that way. Thanks for coming out for our race and for the support at Fairhill--really appreciated.