Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Word problem

A 140ish* pound cyclist is doing slacker hill repeats in the woods on a perfect Indian summer day in November.  On the first downhill/recovery she oversteers a corner** and crashes over the bars. Does she:
a) apologize out loud to her drivetrain
b) immediately decide that this recovery should be longer than planned to account for having to pick oneself up out of the leaves and sticks
c) almost do an encore performance the next time down
d) pull down the side of her shorts*** to check out the impending bruise
e) all of the above

*As you may already know, my methods for measuring my weight are not as accurate as anything I use in lab or will have to measure bike weight after the holidays.  So this is an estimate, based on a wacky scale and a guess at what my shoes and helmet weigh.  I'm probably optimistically underestimating.
**Hey, it's been a while since I've gotten to play in the woods.
***No one was around.  Not a single soul once I was off the pavement.  What are the chances of that?

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