Monday, June 7, 2010


When I lived in Utah, some things were harder (finding beer above 3% alcohol on a Sunday, for instance).  But when it comes to bike clothing, there is no question that Utah is easier.  We've hit the humid time of year and I have to invoke all my tricks to keep the bike duffle from reeking up every room it lands in.  Nevermind the nastiness of wiping one's nose with a soured, manky glove.  Last year, I even warranteed a pair of shoes because they "perfumed" my car, house, and basement within a half hour of being there, despite my best efforts. I think it was the glue. 

Sweaty clothes - have to come out of the bag and go on top of the hamper till they're dry.  I wash everything with color safe bleach - this little trick helps a lot with the sweat-being-held-in-by-synthetic-material aroma.  I also hang dry everything because I am that anal retentive.

Gloves get washed every time I do bike laundry.  They still smell.

Bottles and bladders - Wanna know the secret trick to keeping Camelbak's from growing mold in the tube?  Rinse it out and keep it in the freezer- I have to remember this one because there's usually some funny mix of strawberry heed in that thing.  I think the same can be done with bottles, but I throw mine through the dishwasher so many times they usually melt a little and start leaking before the curse of the black mold.

The shoes - get tossed in the fireplace to dry out - I should be clear - it's not a working fireplace but is one of the few places in our house without hardwood. 

Eventually maybe I'll get my hot-humid day race food sorted out - I'm definitely still making errors there.  More in upcoming race report.

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