Friday, July 1, 2011

a sad squeal

Not much action here lately.  I've only finished a race once since Michaux - a good day but not entirely remarkable at Greenbriar in the marathon event.  6 laps. 

Since then, I've been busy and was sick for about two weeks after a trip to Mexico. Bleh. I tried to race in the middle of it.  Key word - tried. Not eating for a week or so is not conducive to finishing long races. I lost all that winter weight and then some, but a lot of my spring fitness went with it.

Just over a year ago, I tangled with a wild animal and wound up in the ER - not covered with blood, but getting rabies shots.

Last night, a rogue bunny decided to tempt fate in front of my wheels.  It didn't win.  I felt the thump, then the second thump, then heard the sad little squeal of an injured animal.  I didn't look back.  Nor did I crash my bike on the road.

Natural selection.  I apply the concept intellectually all the time at work.  But sometimes it hits too close to home.

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