Thursday, December 3, 2009

De ja vu?

On my way to Mt-there-wasn't-any-Snow-yet Sunday evening, I was happy to catch most of the second half of the Steelers game on the radio.  Yes, from about 50 miles south of Albany to Bennington, Vermont I had not just one AM radio station but 3 that were flirting in and out of coverage - just enough to catch most plays on either Westwood One or the Steelers network or the Ravens gameday broadcast. 

I was, of course, reminded of the other two times where Steelers games and AM radio graced a long drive.  Once, driving east to Baltimore in a moving truck, listening to the station that seriously lasted like 300 miles in the midwest.

Before that, though, a long time ago, AM fuzziness was linked with another important ski trip - my journey from Pittsburgh to Vail when I moved to Colorado.  The little Geo I had at the time got okay coverage and I strained to hear the plays of a game at Cleveland.  Much to my dismay, as I was leaving Ohio and the range of the Cleveland fanbase, the game went into overtime.  I frantically scanned the radio for live coverage to no avail and discovered during recaps later that the Steelers won it, by a field goal in overtime.

Again on Sunday I was, in some ways, embarking on another new adventure in ski teaching.  I made the PSIA-E Development Team in March, so I was headed to Vermont for Ed Staff training with our peers and coaches and uniform pickup, among other things.  Sunday - Steelers at Baltimore.  Without Polamalu.  Without Big Ben.  I cursed at the refs, yelled at the Ravens, cheered for my black and gold, but agh, the game went to overtime as I was nearing Vermont.  Unlike last time, though, I got to listen to OT - perhaps they'd eke out another OT win? Alas, my good dejavu vibes didn't work.  Even awesome work by the defense couldn't save us - Dixon threw an interception and we lost by a field goal.

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