Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing on snow: December by the Numbers

Ski season started later than it was supposed to.  But I put 9 days on snow this month.  Unlikely that I'll get back on snow before the new year, so that's probably the final count.

So far I've:
  • Led 4 new instructors through learning how to teach (in the freezing rain!) and hired all 4
  • Skied in EPIC southern PA powder while reminding 6 old instructors how to do their jobs
  • Understudied an awesome clinician up at Hunter with 12 PSIA'ers from Virginia, PA, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut
  • Studied indoors during 1 of the nastiest, rainiest days at Liberty in a while
  • Taught back to back to back clinics (3), squeezing 2 quarters of the Steelers kicking the Ravens all over the place (!)
  • Worked a bunch of hours in lab when not many others were there
  • Taught 0 members of the skiing public
  • Tubed on man-made snow 8 times on Christmas day.  In the drizzle. 6 with spins.

What I haven't done:
  • Skied in Vermont.
  • Blogged much.  Only a few here.  1 Diva Ski Tips entry.
  • Been ready for Christmas early.  Yes, I was wrapping all gifts on Christmas Eve.
  • Lost weight.  Enormous amount of candy is killing that.
  • Gained weight.  Not sure how this works.
  • 0 Miles.  Haven't been on any of my bikes since Reston.  Intend to start base miles on the trainer later this week.  Or next.

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