Friday, December 4, 2009

No more sandbagging...

After a good bit of success this year as a Cat 4 cyclocrosser, I did it.  I applied for what should be an automatic upgrade to Cat 3.

It's a scary step - I didn't make all my goals this year  (more on that next week, I think), but have had a lot of fun and gotten way better on the bike.  And I believe at the core that Cat 4 is a development category... staying there would be sandbagging.  But, there are some really fast Cat 3's... like LH and Crossy and Ms. Rock.  And I'll race in the 1/2/3 Elite field at the local MABRA races.  This means I've gotta get faster next year.  A lot faster. 

For now, I'll race Sunday, maybe as a Cat 3, maybe not depending on when that upgrade goes through - it's a 3/4 field so it doesn't matter.  In the snow?

I'm more than halfway checked out - it's been a long season of racing, starting last March at Rockburn with a dismal mountain biking effort.  This weekend, I'm just out to have some fun. Maybe I should arrange for hot toddy handups...

1 comment:

  1. Becky, you had an excellent season & truly ended it on a high note in Reston.
    Racing the 1/2/3s next year will be awesome, you'll see...

    and do you know how long it took me to crack the top 5 in a MAC race? You killed it Sunday, way to go!