Friday, May 21, 2010

Are you racing Sunday?

I'm not.  But I have been asked this a few times in the past week while out on road rides.  Apparently I am now looking fast enough to be a roadie - at first glance anyway.

I attribute this to one or all of the following:
1.  The KBS Kelly Cup/BikeJam is this Sunday in Baltimore.  No, I'm not racing.  But, since I ride for the KBS club team, I can see the connection.
2.  My shoes are too clean.  I desoled my Sidis a couple weeks ago.  The new ones came in last weekend, but I actually haven't been on dirt since then, so they are still pretty black.
3.  My bike is too clean.  I know how to fix that.
4.  My bike is so shiny that they can't see the caliper brakes, top tube cabling, clearance for shouldering and mud tires, etc all of which suggest it's actually a cross bike with a roadie mask on.
5.  I'm spinning so fast that I look like I'm going fast.  Having a 12-27 cassette for cross gearing helps spin fast while not going fast.
6.  Perhaps men just like to check out women dressed in spandex and this week's Guys guides to picking up cyclist chicks says "Ask her if she's racing Sunday.  The get out the cowbells and stay for the women's race."

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