Friday, May 14, 2010

Muffin morning

Friday's are muffin days.  Usually a rest day or an easy day for me... I walk by the Common Ground for a muffin every Friday.  Usually Shea comes with me, the puppies get to sniff the muffin bag and confirm that my blackberry-granola muffin is in there.  He'll get some weird jalepeno bagel thing.  I usually finish most of the jinormous muffin before getting to work.  This morning I was running late and Shea wasn't along, but I was still bent on getting a muffin.  Apple.  Gotta say I like the blackberry-granola better, but I just couldn't do a multi-berry scone on muffin morning. 

Especially since next Friday won't be a muffin morning... it's Bike to Work Day!  I'll ride about 1.5 miles to the rally to show my support for commuting on skinny tires and get my free t-shirt and bagel. Then I'll spin the half mile back to work.  Probably on the singlespeed.  It's geared for mountain biking anyway.  Still, the tires are skinnier than my car.

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