Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You can take the girl outta Pittsburgh...

You can take the girl outta Pittsburgh, but you can't take the Pittsburgh outta the girl...

Why is it that I can't be bothered to keep up with the Pens during the regular season (hockey, for those of you from Ohio), but when it comes to the playoffs, I'm addicted. Not so much as I am to Steelers football. The offseason is pretty slim pickings on the four or so sites I routinely check NFL news on. Do you really think I care if Brett Favre had surgery, is coming back to play for the Vikings, or does charity work in Alabama for the rest of his life?

This year, I've been enjoying the Pens playoff games old-school style. I use the internet to listen to the Pittsburgh Radio Network on my laptop. If we weren't so cheap, we'd have cable and be able to watch the games. But, as I said, I only follow hockey in the springtime. And then we'd have to watch more bad tv to make the cable worth it. It's nice when the Pens play until June... makes football season seem closer.

Tonight, I'll get to watch them try to extend the series to game 7 - if we have power, that is. Apparently the weather conspired against me to make sure that I didn't get to try the Tuesday night Mock Time Trial ride. Nickel sized hail with 65 mile an hour gusts - no ride for me.

Go Pens!!

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