Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baltimore moments...

I expect every time I get home from a trip, that Baltimore will remind me in due time that I do, in fact, live in a city. And not one of those cities that's all flowers and wine festivals. Today, despite that I haven't been away, it reminded me twice. Once is sorta boring - no one can drive in the rain, so traffic on my drive back this afternoon was stop and go. For 12 miles on the beltway. Ugh.

But this morning was a better, more typical "you live in Baltimore" moment. As I returned from a quick walk with the dogs, I glanced in the neighbor's front yard. There was a pair of pants. Jeans. Odd. Even better when I saw the shoes sitting next to the pants. And the bottle (still mostly full) of whisky next to a slightly flattened plant. Someone had a rough night. When I got home this evening - pants and shoes still there, whisky picked up by some other wanderer.

1 comment:

  1. I would have taken the shoes and pants as well, but they didn't match the shirt I found in the alley.