Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'Training' on the low road

It's raining... again. Pouring it down with loud noises sufficient to terrify our border collie into pacing around the room, flinching with each clap of thunder. Last night it stormed in the middle of the night. Just what I wanted - a scared dog needing cuddles at some unknown hour of the morning. Oh well, I was awake anyway. We are in the summer cycle, it seems.

In Utah, it only pretends to storm. Many a night in the summer, a big gusty storm comes up, drizzles enough rain to knock the dirt from the air onto whatever clean window you'd like to look through and then goes away. Here, it pours. This sucks. No trail riding here when it's wet - tonight's weekly women's mountain bike ride... cancelled. I was out on the road bike yesterday and not excited about a solo ride with a chance of thunderstorms tonight. So, I had decided to go get wet myself - a swim was in order. I then realized that while I had everything else I needed with me at work, my gym card was sitting in our kitchen. So I took the low road. I came home, made cheesesteaks, and got fat. I will surely pay for this transgression soon enough. I did not, however, drink beer. Or watch bad tv.

But tomorrow, I will likely have to make this to train or get fat decision again. The gym card is optimistically perched next to my coffee mug...

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  1. hey...for you information it is raining like it's not even utah this week. i think we might be shifting out of desert status. :-)

    thank you for a wonderful dinner in dc!!!! it was so great to see you guys.