Monday, June 8, 2009


Last year, I was sitting in a meeting with my elbows on the table, and everyone in the room noticed at one point or another that I had massive bruises on my arms. That was when they began to figure out how weird I am - for fun, I take my bike out and challenge myself to the point that occasionally the rubber separates itself from the dirt.

Today's crash left a few colorful spots in places that won't be seen at lab meeting. Well, partly because I generally wear pants to lab. So all the scrapers on my legs don't show. But then I crashed coming out of a little creek in the mud - handlebars into chest. Again. Perfect circle bruise. Again. I crashed handlebars into chest a few years ago on the easy part of the Rattlesnake Gulch downhill outside of Salt Lake City. Literally - the easy part. Rode all the 2' dropoffs. Crashed hard on the gravel doubletrack.

I should know better by now. Like in skiing, sometimes when you fail to pay attention on the easy stuff, it really gets ya. It's hard to train myself to have the ability to keep at least a soft focus on what I'm doing when I'm tired, dizzy from lack of oxygen, wobbly, exhilarated from a fun piece of singletrack or successful line of bumps. Does a soft focus on bad tv while blogging count as cross training?

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