Friday, June 12, 2009

Road dirt

It's rained so much here of late that getting out on singletrack has been nearly impossible. Which means that I've been relegated to riding my cross bike on the road (with slicks, of course). I have a harder time getting motivated to be out on the road than for my dirt time. This morning, I got out about 45 minutes later than I wanted to, so planned to ride only 20 miles and head into lab. The road was still wet from (more) rain last night, so I was grimy by halfway through. Not motivated, spinning at an ok cadence but really not putting much power in. Gray dust on my face, spots all over my legs, yuck.

Then I flatted at mile 17. To call or not to call. I had all the stuff with me to change the tube, so I pouted for a minute then got to changing the tube. Save the sag wagon call for another day. I was pretty proud of myself for changing the tire without levers (which were missing from my little seat pack?) and got back on the road. I did get even more black dirt from said tire and a bit of grease all over myself in the process.

You guessed it - although I checked the tire where the puncture was and found nothing, I had somehow missed a chunk of glass and was flat again a couple miles later. Well, mostly flat. So I added some air and coasted to a few blocks from the house, where I got off and walked me and my dirty bike home. As a side note - I must've actually ridden through some glass becuase there was a little chunk in my front tire as well. Gotta love Baltimore.

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